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The half of the founders of Ternary Recordings, Burak & Emre presents 17 exclusive tracks from 22 artists that now comprise the label’s distinct, talented family. Covering the best tracks from progressive trance to big room sounds, Burak & Emre introduces Ternary Volume 1 to all music lovers and fans of electronic dance music celebrating our label’s brightest present and future talents. Onur Ates, Mike Wendes, Jean Clemence, Duncan MacPherson and more steer the initial phase of the journey through respectively deeper waters before Ternary stars like Tolga Uzulmez, Emre Yildiz, George Kamelon and Burak & Emre push momentum to peak time. 2015 is our year of achievements, fun, results and pure satisfaction from all the effort we put in. Welcome to Ternary Volume 1.
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Welcome to Journey of Ternary

We expect every track within the album will become a powerful club smash

The very first compilation album of Ternary Recordings is hosted by half of the founders of the label and one of the most popular producer-duos in the Trance music scene Burak & Emre. As a young record label that began to attract so many key figures’ attention shortly after being founded, the launch of Ternary Recordings quickened the realization of one of the duo’s dreams; creating a new concept for the music industry in their country and the whole EDM world. They actualized their dream by issuing this compilation album titled “Ternary Volume 1” on which they worked with great hope and enthusiasm. Their meticulous and long-running search for domestic and worldwide new talents in accordance with the label’s organizational perspective concluded with a sheer evergreen beauty.

The album includes 17 high quality productions and a full continuos mix of them within 1 CD combining both the modernity and the essence of Trance together. You will find a bespoke selection of probable hits produced by some of the stars of Ternary team that you are familiar with and various incoming new artists worldwide. Be ready to relish this tuneful journey full of the true sound of Trance. We expect every track within the album will become a powerful club smash.



17 Exclusive Tracks From 22 artists


01. George Kamelon "Time Is Too Short To Wait"
02. Arthur Barbosa & Diego Florencio "Quarteto"
03. Progonia "Altara"
04. Mike Wendes "Estergon"
05. Duncan MacPherson "Good Night, Good Luck"
06. Tolga Uzulmez "Escapade"
07. Airon & Adel "Carnage"
08. Burak & Emre "Cappadocia"
09. Attila Syah "Rise Of The Empire"
10. Jean Clemence "Infinty"
11. Emre Yildiz & Onur Ates "Distant Quasars"
12. David Rull "Turul"
13. Farhad Mahdavi "Istanbul Alleys"
14. Ancient Mind "Hasret"
15. Emre Yildiz vs. Emre Tuylu "Ternary"
16. Merc & Artifi "Changing Lives"
17. Kayat vs. Omar Essa "Spadina"


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